Sportsman’s Best: Sight Fishing

When you add the visual aspect of searching for and finally spotting a fish before you cast, it’s like an infusion of Red Bull into your central nervous system.

Sight Fishing: The visual experience of seeing your quarry before you cast to it, hopefully catching it, is unmatched in fishing. Nothing competes with being able to locate, stalk, present and catch your fihs. Unfortunately a lot of things have to fall in place to successfully piece this puzzle together.

Sight Fishing is the most exciting part of the sport. Whether stalking saltwater gamefish, bedding bass, finicky trout, or looking down from a tower targeting the biggest fish on a weedline, this book and DVD set is for you.

*FREE DVD includes sight fishing highlights from seven years of Florida Sportsman TV and Shallow Water Angler TV, filmed from Texas to Maine and up and down both coasts of Florida. Author Mike Holliday and the editors and hosts of the TV shows have captured incredible sight fishing footage that will make you want to grab your polarized glasses and head for the water.

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