Fish Chip

Catch more fish with the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip.

Make your GPS a Fish Finder…instantly with the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip. The Chips fit most major brands and are easy to install. Load over 275 hot spots, Inshore and Offshore, per region into your GPS that include proven fish catching spots inshore and the flats as well as artificial reefs, ledges and hard bottom offshore.

“There’s nothing like having a little local knowledge when you go to a new area, or even to help find new spots near your home. Many times simply having likely fishing spots pointed out to you is all you need to help you find others, that have similar characteristics. For each region we worked with three to five local experts to give us proven fish catching spots,” said Blair Wickstrom—Publisher of Florida Sportsman Magazine. Not venturing offshore? Plug in the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip and hook your GPS up with proven inshore hot spots that hold redfish, trout, snook, flounder, and other inshore rod benders.

Once you’ve loaded the Chip Information into your GPS likely fishing hotspots will always be on your screen. You’ll never be left with that “where now” “what’s next” feeling again.

When it comes to investing in tackle to improve your catches, the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip may be the best dollar for dollar investment you can make.

Choose between 13 regions showing the best spots to fish with the species your most likely to catch there.